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My name is Allison and I've been a Nanase fan for-ever. I've found her out about 4 years ago on a random napster download [same as suppi_the_great :)] and it was the song "Bitch." I loved it from it's hard riffs to it's horns and everything. It still remains my most cherished and favorite song by her. China Rose definitely comes in second [ as well as the second download] and from there I've built up my collection. I'm live in America and currently own Red, Paradox, Foxtrot, ID, Purana, ID2, a VCD that contains four promotional videos [ pv's are the same as music vid's over here. lol. in case you didn't know ] of Cosmic Love [hilarious], trouble maker, Kiogokoro [ absolutely great] and Lovin' you, Heat of the Night, China Rose [ gorgeous], Seven Seas [ even more gorgeous] and Break out! [Hilarious]. I'm pretty optimistic about sharing anything I have with people who show even a little interest in Aikawa so if you want me to send you something [ email or mail ] just leave a message somewhere. I'm pretty nice :)

I reaaally love Nanase. Thanks for opening up this community though it seems to be a little abandoned. Hopefully it will open up some more :)

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